The Wonderful World of Citrus

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The Wonderful World of Citrus

I ate so many oranges growing up they thought I was going to turn orange. LOL! Nothing could compare to the sweet taste of a ripe one on a hot summer day or even better when my Mother would pull out her juicer and make some fresh squeezed orange juice on a sunny Saturday morning.

Did you ever have a lemonade stand as a kid?  It was so good I think I drank through most of my .25 cent a cup profits!

From sweet navel oranges to tart grapefruit, citrus has some wonderful culinary uses that are sure to brighten up your next meal and put a smile on your families face.

Here are a couple of my favorites

  1. Zest a ripe orange, chop up some fresh parsley and garlic, mix them all together and you have a bright and healthy condiment called Gremolata. Add it to the top of a baked fish like salmon or tilapia. Delicious!
  1. Sauté some fresh green beans and onions in extra virgin olive oil.  Grab a sliced open lemon and squeeze the juice over the beans right before serving. This little step takes your veggies to another tasty level.
  1. Peel and dice up a couple of oranges, mix them with some fresh cilantro, chopped red onions and jalapeños or red pepper. Perfect topping for your summer grilled shrimp or chicken tacos.
  1. Pour a half of cup of orange juice into a plastic bag, along with some fresh rosemary and a dash of agave toss in a couple of pieces of chicken for a wonderful marinade that’s sure to make your protein delicious.


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